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Join Our Team

We want everyone to be their own boss babe! We created Salon Elevate to be a team oriented atmosphere in a booth rental salon. We pride ourselves on being different and trying to elevate the beauty industry.

We offer "all inclusive" booth rental. You might be asking yourself, "what's that mean?" well basically this means that you get to be creative and worry about your guests without the hassle of worrying about taking care of everything else that usually comes with the title of being an independent contractor. 

Want to know more and think you'd be a good fit?

email for more info


Guest Oriented

We pride ourselves on our customer service. When you walk into our salon you feel as though you are hanging out with old friends, not to mention all the amenities we provide. 


Team Atmosphere

You might think its crazy but yes, we all get along. We are so lucky to be working along side such close friends and would love a new addition to our group! 


Stylist Amenities

We put so much thought into providing a modern and up to date salon! We have craftsman tool boxes for storage and work space, the most comfortable chairs and the BEST shampoo stations! 

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